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Company Introduction

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Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd. specializes in domestic and international trade in the high-tech sector.  The company is managed by a group of experienced and motivated professionals who have a deep understanding of the Chinese market and its trading conventions. The founders of Shanghai Widefield are pioneers who have successfully introduced Merck’s laboratory products, pharmaceutical chemicals and Schott’s FIOLAX® pharmaceutical tubing into the Chinese market.

It is a mix of science and excellent management that helps us fulfil the needs of suppliers and clients and achieve commercially significant goals. We are an adaptive partner with highly specialized expertise to walk you through every step, from drug development to market approval. We provide solutions for pharmaceutical packaging, excipients and APIs throughout the process of initial studies, development, registration, marketing, sales and post-marketing surveillance. We offer everything you will need to optimize development and shorten the time needed for your therapeutic drugs to enter the market. Our experienced team paired with our operational expertise and deep regulatory knowledge helps you minimize risk at every step of your process.

The major business scope of Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd. includes pharmaceutical primary packaging, pharmaceutical excipients, nutritional materials, chemical products and laboratory products. The pharmaceutical sector makes up the largest portion of our client base, and we put a special focus on Sino-foreign joint ventures. Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd. has a long-standing excellent reputation among the pharmaceutical, packaging and food sectors. The company has established seamless cooperation between its branch offices and its Shanghai-based warehouse facilities. 

Our company is a professional business specialized in high-tech pharmaceutical primary packaging. Our main products are pharmaceutical-grade crown caps, pharmaceutical neutral glass tubing, neutral 5.0 vials, neutral 5.0 ampoules and mold-formed bottles. Among these, the pharmaceutical-grade crown cap is one of our most notable products. The crown cap is manufactured by New Box S. p. A. in Italy and is used in the area of enteral nutrition medicine and special food for medicine application. The PVC-free crown cap is convenient to open and suitable for 121-degree sterilization (the fourth part of CP2015 page 1421) under the condition of F0 value 30 minutes. The crown cap has been granted the Import Drug License No. J201700012 by CFDA since August 2017. Meanwhile, it is published on CFDA’s registration platform as DMF No. B20190007089 with approval status. It is a unique pharmaceutical-grade crown cap with approved IDL and DMF which has been used by dominant enteral nutrition manufactories in China and abroad. It won the prize of 2019 Competition of New Products / Technology for Pharmaceutical Package, which is organized by China National Packaging Association. Additionally, the company produces high quality pharmaceutical glass tubing, freeze-dry vials and injection ampoules in cooperation with two distinguished pharmaceutical glass packaging manufacturers in Zhejiang province and Hebei province of China.

Since 2007, our company has been the agent and distributor in China for Mallinckrodt (SpecGx), a prominent global excipient manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical products whose magnesium stearate has been used in several dozen types of tablets worldwide. Magnesium stearate codes 2257 and 5712 are published on CFDA’s registration platform under DMF No. F20180001423 & F2017000131 with approval statuses.

Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd. is the sole agent and distributor for New Box S. p. A. and Plast-tech GmbH in the People’s Republic of China– including Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR. The company is the distributor for Merck pharmaceutical chemicals, Merck laboratory products, KYOWA magnesium compounds and Avantor (J.T. Baker) chemical reagents as well. In the area of pharmaceutical and clinical nutrition, Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd. is the distributor of DSM nutritional products, Lysi API grade fish oils (Iceland), Merck pharmaceutical mineral salts and Cosucra inulin (Belgium). We provide solutions for nutritional therapies of enteral and parenteral nutrition.

The mission of Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd. is to offer a wide range of products and exceptional service tailored to diverse customer demand. We have been the partner who supports you all the way – and we will continue doing so in the future. 

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