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Letters of Thanks from CONSORZIO Bergamo Italy

日期:2021-06-05 16:10:53 



Via Spirano 34 / 36




Dear all,

We had 3 days quite intensive in finalize the mask supplies to CONSORZIO FA ASSOCIATION.

Your job let to all the workers in this association to work in a safety condition for themselves and all the guys that they support.

We spent part of our time in finding the best solution in order to let to this ASSOCIATION to manage support to the young boys who are not self-sufficient and probably not able to understand what is going on, weak people that need continuous support.

There are no words to thank everyone for your support.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with people of such high sensitivity towards others. Never as in this moment despite the distances and the various cultures or lifestyles, there is a solidarity and sensitivity in everyone to help those who cannot move alone.

Thank you to all, from my side and from the CONSORZIO FA ASSOCIATION Management

Better info: www.consorziofa.it



Dear Mrs. Feng, Buongiorno (in Italian language)

I just read your email. At the moment I have no words to express my thanks to you.

Surely, in this difficult operational context and the impossibility of finding what is necessary to be able to operate safely, your support was precious, then reading your decision to donate surprises us and leaves us speechless.

I express the soul of the CONSORZIO FA Management, a big thank you for your support.

We will keep in touch. I hope to write to you soon that we have overcome this difficult moment.

My proposal to be your guide if you are still in BERGAMO remains always valid, of course, just finished this strange situation.



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