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Polyamide Sterilization Bags

Polyamide Sterilization Bags

PlaSteril® The safe method to guarantee the sterility of instruments.

Sterilize and Store in High-Strength PlaSteril Films, 

the Perfect Sterile Protection in the Cycle of Medical Devices.

Today even more than in the past, the doctor's and the Patient's confidence in the sterility of instruments is of vital importance.

In any medical practice, instruments are sterilized, this is part of every day hygiene. No doubt, sterilization is a question of vital importance.

Indispenable condition is the good function of the sterilizer. But, which protective measures must be taken after sterilization?

Is the permanent sterility of the germ-free instrument during storage ensured, will the instrument indeed and without any doubt still be sterile at the time of use?  

Is it preferable to resterilize if a certain period of time passes between sterilization and use, in order to be on the safer side?

The solution we offer you to solve this problem has been successfully practiced for many years. Sterilze and store your instruments in PlaSteril film packages.

There is no means that could be more reliable to protect your instruments against pathogenic germs.


PlaSterilfilms guarantee germ-free instruments. Packed in PlaSteril, your instruments are reliably kept sterile. 

We offer you the appropriate packaging for your personal sterilization system :

PlaSteril C for steam sterilization.

PlaSteril for dry heat sterilization.

Both films are available in the most convenient widths from 30 mm to 600 mm and come to you as rolled stock of 100 m length.

By means of a heat-sealing unit, any required tube length can be easily produced to fit the instrument’s size - definitely, pouches made to measure are the most economical issue.

Steam or dry heat pass through the film to the instrument and sterilze it under the conditions usually employed. Thus, the instrument is protected from pathogenic germs as bacteria, spores, etc… The instrument packed in PlaSteril can be stored in the medical practice without requiring any additional protection.


Strong Points of PlaSteril


- The pack is made to measure and transparent on both sides

- The place where the instruments are stored remains in order and wanted sterile instrument is easy to find.

- The high mechanical strength of PlaSteril film provides the best possible protection from damage e.g. by sharp-edged or pointed instruments.

- No fibers and resistant against water. Paper-bags wished to be.

- The perfect sterile protection by PlaSteril represents an economic factor in your practice: a pouch of security costs you only a few cents.


PlaSteril C - Special film permeable to water-vapour, designed for Sterilization in autoclaves at all commonly employed sterilization temperatures.

PlaSteril A - Heat-resistant special film for dry heat sterilizers, developed for sterilization temperatures up to 180°C/30 min.

The Easy Method to Ensure Safe Packaging in PlaSteril

Choose, between the availiable widths, that tube which leaves enough free motion to the instrument, i.e. which does not firmly wrap it at any point.

Cut a tube length which is by approx. 2 cm longer at both ends, to allow for sealing.

Seal only one end of the tube first, by means of a heat-sealing unit that Welds polyamide films. Place the clean, dry instrument into the pouch, and squeeze the package to expel as much air as possible before sealing the other and of the pouch.

Steam Sterilzitation with PlaSteril C.

According to norms (f.e. DIN 58953) and sterilzers using-guides, place the packed instruments in the sterilizer and start process.

Generally we recommend to cover the metal surfaces of the sterilzer with textile or fleece material and to take care that the packages should not come into contact of the side walls of the machine.

Dry Heat Sterilization with PlaSteril A.


Same as steam.

For both process types we recommend to resterilize the package after a time of 3 months, if the instrument was not used.

Don't resterilize more than one time. If it has to be done for a second time : Repack the instrument in a new tube.

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