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Pharm Crown Cap

Pharm Crown Cap

Pharmaceutical Application of Crown Cap

Experimental data show that enteral nutrition suspension delivers better clinical results than dry powder enteral nutrition products. The sterilization process (The fourth part of CP2015 page 1421) of enteral nutrition suspension requires a high safety standard for the bottle cap, especially the lining materials.

Shanghai Widefield Trading Co., Ltd and Widefield Corporation Limited Hongkong have jointly developed the crown cap, which is manufactured by New Box S.p.A in Italy. It is used as primary packaging for enteral nutrition medicine.

The PVC-free crown cap fills the market gap in the domestic enteral nutrition medicine sector. The crown cap is suitable for 121-degree sterilization under the condition of F0 value 30 minutes. The crown cap has been granted Import Drug License No. J201700012 by CFDA since August 2017. Meanwhile, it is published on CDE registration platform with Filing Code B20190007089. It is a unique pharmaceutical-grade crown cap with approved IDL and DMF which has been used by dominant enteral nutrition manufactories in China and abroad. It won the prize of 2019 Competition of New Products / Technology for Pharmaceutical Package, which is organized by China National Packaging Association.

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